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If the girls renew their contract with Syco i'm gonna be so done. Syco pisses me off. Also the girl that talked to the publicist said that she asked him if Salute was gonna be released as a single and he said they wanted to. that Columbia had all these ideas to promote the girls but Syco just kept turning them down. and it makes me sad because this third album is gonna be so good but i doubt it'll get the right promo since Syco does that to them.

request-littlemix answered:

completely agree with everything you’ve just said we’re totally on the same page anon. but hey at least 2015 is looking up for the girls! and anyways if syco tries to screw the girls over again with their 3rd album then we need to be ready to promote them ourselves. we need to trend on twitter and request on radios and shazam and stream the next single like crazy cause even though these things may seem insignificant to some fans, theyre literally the most important things for billboard charts etc. so i hope the fans are serious this time cause the last time when we were begging everyone to request move and warning them that shit WILL happen if they didnt and nobody except a few people listened to us. and move underperformed on US radio. nowadays its not about chart position/peak its about sales and longevity and radio play will give us that. and only fans can provide radio play. yes radio stations are biased and sometimes stubborn but if a song is popular enough they’d have no choice but to play it. thats when shazam and streaming comes in. thats how a single goes viral. thats how a song becomes a hit. y’all better be with us when we beg you to request the next single like be prepared to just go crazy ok we NEED to do this we have no other choice.

YES 👏👏👏

Anaíya hasnt sunk in, Kimberley’s pregnancy hasnt sunk in so how the hell will Cheryl and Jean-Bernard’s marriage sink in??? But tbh I think they’re actually made for each other…. And she’s old enough to be wise enough to decide for herself! I’m so happy for her! I am happy she’s shared it because all us soldiers and Alouders are so happy for her, sure there’s gonna be haters on her and Jean but 👋👋👋👋👋